The Loophole in LSAT Logical Reasoning is the single most effective LSAT Logical Reasoning book on the market. It’s the much-needed, ice-cold La Croix™ in your LSAT life.

The Loophole in LSAT Logical Reasoning is the result of five years of development, testing, and iteration. Its methodologies are not just comprehensive; they’re frankly just better. It contains an actually new approach to LSAT Logical Reasoning mastery. Like for real. Check out these excerpts for proof:

The Loophole in LSAT Logical Reasoning assumes you know literally nothing about how to reason logically at the start of the book. We build your skills one by one as we go. Each new idea snowballs from the last to build a skill set that goes far beyond the basics. But what does going “far beyond these basics” mean, really? Test prep is often full of empty promises, so I feel your need for specificity here. Let’s get specific.

Just one drill in The Loophole in LSAT Logical Reasoning often accounts for more score improvement than many LSAT prep systems produce across all three sections. The Basic Translation Drill has taken many students, even those who have already studied the major systems on the market, from a plateaued -10+ per Logical Reasoning section to a -1. That same drill has even bought students 6+ points on Reading Comp. That’s just within the first 100 pages of The Loophole in LSAT Logical Reasoning. Here’s what one student had to say about it:

“I genuinely struggled to understand what the stimulus was saying, even after several reads. I clearly saw the results when I was getting 15 wrong on a section. Translation seriously works. Trust the process, do the work, and you will definitely see the results. I went from consistently getting 15 wrong on a section to 1 wrong. Now that I’m starting at UCLA Law, I translate my legal reading every day.”

And the Basic Translation Drill isn’t even what most students think is the most useful concept in the book. Here’s what most students said improved their score the most:

Powerful-Provable. No doubt.” -Kevin B.

Every correct answer on the LSAT is either powerful or provable. When you’re only ever looking for power or provability, the answer choices become seriously simpler. The Loophole in LSAT Logical Reasoning shows you how to leverage the Powerful-Provable Spectrum toward much easier, faster correct answers.

The CLIR. It just makes you so much faster.” -Camille B.

You can predict the answer to most Logical Reasoning questions without even knowing the question type. Yeah, you read that right. That’s what the CLIR is for. It’s super awesome and fun. The Loophole in LSAT Logical Reasoning will teach you how to use CLIR to make the correct answer way more predictable.

Hyper-skipping. I was tanking my score staying on a few hard questions for way too long. Now I hyper-skip them, and I’m finishing in 30 minutes, saving five full minutes to give the hard questions a second look. On the second pass, I see the answer fast. Most of them feel stupidly obvious. Now that I’m not wasting so much time, I’m missing 0-1 on each LR consistently.” -Daniel J.

Many questions that seem insurmountably difficult aren’t actually that hard. They seem impossible because you’ve misread something in the stimulus or answer choices. With the misread’s bad information, there really is no right answer. When you stay on a question for 2+ minutes, you usually don’t make much progress on correcting the misread; you’re just replaying the memory of your initial read over and over again. Hyper-skipping is a system designed to wipe that cached copy of the misread as efficiently as possible, minimizing time, anxiety, and wrong answers.

The Loophole in LSAT Logical Reasoning approaches Logical Reasoning from a skills-based perspective. In order to get questions right in Logical Reasoning, you have to be able to read and analyze the stimulus, differentiate what makes an answer choice correct, and approach the section strategically. This is what The LSAT Loophole in Logical Reasoning helps you do. It results in not just a higher score, but an easier score.

About the Author

Ellen Cassidy is the founder of Elemental Prep and the author of The Loophole in LSAT Logical Reasoning.  After studying at Stanford University and Oxford University, she received two official 99th percentile LSAT scores and turned down Harvard Law School to teach the LSAT. Since then, she’s been researching and testing experimental LSAT prep methodologies and compiling her successes into a forthcoming series of LSAT strategy guides. Ellen’s LSAT prep methodologies are the result of the relationships she’s built with the hundreds of LSAT students she has personally taught.

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