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Connor M, 167

Logical Reasoning read like a foreign language to me. I got a minus 12 and 14 on my blind diagnostic. This is why I clung to The Loophole in Logical Reasoning for dear life when I started studying. It made the language-based equivalent of complex calculus feel like adding 1+1.

Jessica Z, 170

I have read The Loophole in Logical Reasoning more than once, and every page, every chapter, is a must.

George B, 174

It’s no exaggeration to say that Ellen is one of the most passionate people in the world about the LSAT – and without this enthusiasm, I never would have met Ellen. She walked by while I was taking a practice test in a coffee shop, knew it was an LSAT, and asked how my preparation was going. It’s this zeal that bleeds into The Loophole in Logical Reasoning.