Weekly Live Tutoring

Tutoring students meet with Ellen once per week for a recurring two-hour session. Tutoring is the venue to unpack and experiment with the way you individually interact with the LSAT. Throughout tutoring, Ellen will prescribe her more than 80 existing drills based on your individual relationship with the test, and/or you will serve as muse for a whole new drill. And, because this exam is so much more than just logic, tutoring is an empathetic workshop to address the holistic nature of test taking. We want to send you off on test day a better, more capable, more self assured version of yourself than you may have ever imagined!

Tutoring sessions take place in Ellen’s zoom room. Please save this link for all future sessions: https://zoom.us/j/5649868479

No Elemental student, including those only in Daily Virtual Tutoring, may work with an outside tutor or LSAT prep company while enrolled in Elemental.