LSAT Peer Mentoring

The peer mentoring program pairs new and advanced students to work on LSAT skills together. Peer mentoring provides both extra help and a valuable bond with someone who understands what you’re going through. The full benefits of peer mentorship are realized through consistency and regularity, so you should set a regular meeting time and give advance notice should you need to cancel or reschedule.

A note to peer mentees . . .

  • Your peer mentor is a little further down the path you’re on. They’ve practiced these methods a bit longer than you. Watch, listen, and emulate the way they efficiently employ the Elemental methods on LSAT material. To get the most out of your mentoring experience, post your wrong answers throughout the week on Slack (in the relevant channels, not in private messages). This will get you get a quick response, and allow us to dedicate mentoring time to out loud drills with your peer mentor, taking turns on each question and discussing technique.
  • Your peer mentor is donating time out of their busy life to give you individual LSAT help, so please honor this commitment and show up engaged and ready to learn.
  • Your peer mentor is a student too. They are not an all-knowing LSAT oracle. They have their own studying to do and their own LSAT stress to carry. Please be respectful and understanding of this – you’re in this together!

A note to peer mentors . . .

  • Your peer mentee looks up to you and is looking for your advice. Please be respectful, present, and engaged in the activity during mentoring sessions.
  • Your peer mentee is trusting you in sharing their LSAT vulnerabilities. Please honor this trust and refrain from sharing personal information with others.
  • You are a peer mentor, but you’re still a student. Should your peer mentee have a question or concern that you feel you cannot answer, please let someone from the Elemental team know.