Making the Most of Your Elemental Prep Experience

Every piece of the Elemental Prep curriculum has been carefully designed and tested to turn students into LSAT naturals. But this community cannot take the test for you, you must take the test for yourself. 

To get the most out of your Elemental experience:

  • Show up with an open mind and a positive attitude
    • The LSAT is a skills test, and skills can be practiced and mastered no matter your starting point. However, reaching your desired end goal requires hard work, a strong mindset, and a willingness to grow.
  • Proactively and positively engage in the community
    • Elite runners race alone, but they always train in teams. The LSAT is a hard thing. Hard things can be achieved, but they are rarely achieved alone. Elemental Prep is full of people who are (or were recently) in your shoes, ready to lend a hand. The program has been designed to provide full-service help in all areas relevant to test-taking, so take advantage! This community gives away help and support like Oprah gives away cars. 
  • Do all your homework and enter it all in the tracker every day
    • The only way to improve a skill is through intentional practice over a sustained period of time. The LSAT isn’t a spelling bee you can cram for during lunch. To ensure all your hard work holds up under the stress of test day, you need to feel so comfortable with the methods that it’s almost like breathing. Homework assignments are specifically tailored to give you the fail-safe skills for success. Your homework tracker keeps you organized, allows Ellen to easily assess your progress and assign relevant work, and gives you a snapshot of your LSAT growth.
  • Use mentoring time to work through (new) material with your partner 
    • Your mentor has been at this thing a little longer than you, and there’s so much to be learned from watching, listening, and emulating their LSAT skills. Post your wrong answers in Slack throughout the week to get quick responses and explanations, and use your mentoring time to translate and drill together.