What is LSAT tutoring?

Honestly, LSAT tutoring is usually somebody’s side piece. Essentially all LSAT tutors do it part-time. They are reading from some book or reciting content they memorized from some book. They’ve never created a new LSAT methodology in their lives. There’s a big difference between working with someone who can create new methodologies and working with someone who only knows how to regurgitate. Someone who can’t create something new can’t look at your situation, analyze all the variables, and design a specifically targeted new way for you to LSAT.

Sure, most tutors can take the LSAT well. A lot of people can go in there and take an LSAT themselves. But you are not paying a tutor to take the LSAT. You’re paying them to teach the LSAT. If someone does not have incisive communication skills, massive amounts of empathy, and an encyclopedic knowledge of what they're talking about… it doesn’t matter how many 180s they have. They’re going to suck. 

What should LSAT tutoring be like?

LSAT tutoring should be your tutor's main piece, and it has been my main piece for seven years. I tutor the LSAT almost every day. At one point in 2016, I tutored for 97 days straight.

I had double hernia surgery in 2017; I tutored the LSAT for 11 hours straight 20 hours after getting out of the hospital. I tried to schedule someone for the same day, but they insisted I “needed to rest.” What they didn’t realize is that teaching the LSAT is by far the best thing I could have done that day even if I did need to rest. This is why I exist. There is nothing I am better at and there is nothing that makes me happier. 

What does tutoring with Ellen look like?

Basically, I devote my life to making your life better. I do everything in my power to make sure that your LSAT experience is as awesome as it can possibly be. There is no set formula for tutoring. It’s not like, “Well, we’ve completed Logic Games Module 3, so you have to move to Logical Reasoning because you should be getting it by now" (if a tutor ever says those italicized words to you, fire them immediately). 

Tutoring is, above all, customized to your needs. There are many techniques I only recommend to students I've seen fit very specific profiles because I know those methods tend to work with that population and actively damage everyone else. These methods don't tend to make it into my books because of their potential for misuse when broadly applied, but they make a huge difference in tutoring.  

What do tutoring students learn?

My tutoring students are the root of every LSAT innovation I’ve ever created. When a student is stuck, I create new processes designed specifically for them to succeed given their unique existing skill set. If the idea works well for them, I test it across my other tutoring students. If the idea works well across all my tutoring students, it goes into one of my books. Tutoring is the proving ground for everything cool. Read this to get a sense of the tutoring process in action.

In tutoring, you will have access to all the Elemental methodologies before the general test-taking population. That includes the Elemental guides to Logic Games and Reading Comprehension, which are still in production and not available to the general public. For this reason, upon beginning tutoring, you’ll be asked to keep our work together confidential. 

How much does this all cost? 

The rate is $440 per hour. 

Every session is two hours. This is a purposeful choice to increase the value of each tutoring session. Most sessions begin with a 15-minute debrief about how the homework has gone and end with 15 minutes of homework planning. If sessions lasted one hour, that would leave only 30 minutes of instructional time, as opposed to 90 minutes in a two-hour session. 

All tutoring includes:

  • Membership to the Elemental Tutoring Slack channel. You can use the Slack to ask (and answer!) questions, join a conversation, and share your successes/challenges with a strongly supportive community. I can also match you with another tutoring student who complements your strengths and weaknesses for study friend meetings outside of tutoring.

I want to build longterm relationships with my students. That’s how significant score improvements happen, not through a single session here or there with no consistency. The relationships we build through tutoring will hopefully last far longer than it takes you to study for the LSAT. I mean I was in a former student’s wedding in India two years ago. These relationships matter. 

If you feel like our styles could be a good fit, click here to ask any questions and move forward! We can talk through your LSAT needs (for free) and form a plan together. 

Is there a lower cost option? 

If you’re interested in lower cost options, we have Elemental tutors for $245 per hour. Elemental tutors are my super brilliant protégées who have passed the following tests:

  • 170+ score on a real LSAT 
  • 50+ hours of teaching experience and training  
  • 6+ months of instruction as an Elemental student 

Studying with an Elemental tutor is just about as close as you can get to studying with me. Your tutor and I have daily check ins and I’m actively involved in the long term strategy of your prep. Your tutor and I will team up to make sure you have the best, most effective prep possible at a lower, more accessible price. 

If you're interested in studying with an Elemental tutor, click here to ask any questions and get connected with one!