About Elemental

Learning the LSAT with Elemental is like learning to ride a bike. You might fall off a few times, but once you get it, it sticks. You'll never forget how to take an argument apart, how to approach a game, or how to read to remember.

We’re not here to lure you in with the promise of quick and easy test prep tricks. The LSAT is designed to defeat low-effort hacks; it's designed to identify students with awesome reading and thinking skills. This is awesome. You're capable of improving these skills, meaning you can significantly improve your LSAT score. Elemental is here to show you how. We aim to turn our students into LSAT naturals, the people who can organically give the LSAT what it wants.

We've spent five years perfecting our curriculum across a wide variety of students before launching nationally. We were determined to never simply replicate what was already on the market. Our curriculum has been tested, edited, and retested again and again. That's what five years of development is for. Now, we couldn't be more excited to share a fundamentally new approach to LSAT prep with you.

About Ellen

Ellen Cassidy

I’m Ellen Cassidy and I’m the founder of Elemental Prep. 🎉 🚀 🥂

The luckiest day of my life was March 18, 2011. My best friend prodded me out of the house to a "hot tub" party I really didn't want to go to. I was determined to avoid all hot tub-related activity, so I spent the whole party listening to a stranger tell funny stories about her clients. She was a public defender. I thought, "Law is hilarious. I should take the LSAT."

I bought the PowerScore Bibles on my phone before I even left the party. It was an impulsive, unreasonable decision. It was the opposite of logical reasoning. But when I started doing LSAT, I was enraptured. It felt like my brain had always been running at about 70% capacity until that day, and suddenly it ramped up to 100%.

Prepping for the LSAT was one of the most invigorating experiences of my life. When I got in the car after taking the test, I said, "I wish I could just do the LSAT forever." I didn't understand how that could be a realistic life plan, so I figured I had to apply to law school. The best school I got into was Harvard Law School, and I deferred three times before turning them down to teach the LSAT. Turns out, you can do the LSAT forever.

I've taught the LSAT ever since. I have the unique privilege of helping my students through what can be a super-stressful time. That's the purpose of my life. Whether it's one-on-one, in the classroom, in a book, or online, I'm here to take this dreaded law school process and turn it into something great. That's why I founded Elemental Prep. That's why I wrote The Loophole in LSAT Logical Reasoning. That's why I'll keep writing LSAT books until there is seriously nothing else to write about.

We're in this together, reader. Let's do it.